January 7, 2021: Happy Epiphany
By Wynsor Taylor

Growing up, Epiphany was known in our house as “Olde Christmas.” A celebration that only someone akin to the characters on Walton Mountain or Little House on the Prairie marked. A strange world in which your tree didn’t appear until Christmas Eve and the celebrations carried on well into the new year. For us, it was the expiration date for decorations. The absolute final day for Christmas to go back in the box until post-Thanksgiving. 
While we may not have celebrated Epiphany, we did study the Magi. Frankly, they were always one of my favorite parts of the Christmas story. Mysterious characters who traveled great distances via celestial navigation bearing gifts for a child to whom none of them were related. Maybe it was the southern hospitality that spoke to me most: never show-up without a gift. But gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh? Definitely not items on Mary and Joseph’s baby registry. I assumed it was a prime example of “it’s the thought that counts.” 
I distinctly recall the moment when I learned the symbolism behind these gifts and was a bit horrified by their ties to Jesus’ purpose on Earth and the crucifixion. Intellectually, I knew Christ the baby was the same as Christ the Savior, but the idea that the path to Golgotha began in Bethlehem was hard to swallow. 
As I’ve grown older, the mixture of emotions makes more sense. Christmastide spans the close of the old year and the start of the new: an end and a beginning side-by-side; weariness and hope existing in the same space. This year it rings truer than ever before. 2020 was a tough year. We have much to look forward to but it may get worse before it gets better. That said, while we may not know what the future holds; we know who holds the future. Fear not beloved; joy cometh in the morning. Easter awaits!
Last Published: February 27, 2021 7:01 PM
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