May 6, 2021: On Mother's Day

By Wynsor Taylor, Vestry Member

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

I want to start by acknowledging that this Sunday is not the easiest for everyone. There are infinite different ways that Mother’s Day can be difficult. If you are one struggling—privately or outright—please know that I am thinking of you and holding you in prayer. 

I am one of the lucky ones. I have a good relationship with my mother. She is a godly woman who consistently sets an example of how to love, how to nurture, and how to be true to one’s self. She’s not perfect, but she doesn’t pretend to be. She also tells you like it is. Even today, “The Tao of Debbie Taylor” is quoted with some frequency by many folks in my circle. 

This parent/child relationship has allowed me to envision the love of God as our heavenly parent. One who loves unconditionally and wants what is best for us. As I have become “Aunt Wynsor” to numerous friends’ children I look at this model that God provides as inspiration. I fail miserably, but I know the effort is worth it and I continue to try.

My goddaughter is being raised Roman Catholic. She has many of those eldest child tendencies I recognize in myself: wanting to be perfect and fearing anything less than that is failure. A couple of years ago, she was preparing for her first communion. As luck would have it, who wound up sitting with the incredibly nervous child pre-service? Yup, you guessed it, her Methodist Mama and Baptist-raised Aunt Wynsor. She was panic-stricken trying to remember which hand went on top to receive the host and what she was supposed to say when and what damnations she’d experience if she got it wrong. Her mother and I were at a loss. Finally, in what I firmly believe was divine inspiration and years hearing the “Tao of Debbie Taylor” myself, I looked straight into her tear-filled eyes and said, “Sweetheart, Jesus doesn’t care.” As she stared at me wide-eyed with her mouth a gape, I continued, “Jesus knows what is in your heart. That’s what matters.” She nodded slowly, interrogating these statements in her mind for a few moments and said, “Ok. Let’s go line-up.” Holding her chin high, she never looked back. 

We are about to embark on an exciting journey with a new female spiritual leader who will love us, nurture us, challenge us, and tell us like it is so that we can grow closer in our relationship to our heavenly parent. I, for one, can’t wait.

-- Wynsor Taylor, Vestry Member

Last Published: May 9, 2021 11:17 AM
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