May 13, 2021: All About the Annual Meeting and Elections

By The 2021 Nominations Committee

The Message: All About the 2021 Annual Meeting and Elections

At long last, our 2021 Annual Meeting is just a month away! While more details are forthcoming in a separate email, we wanted to answer a few top-of-mind questions here:
Will the meeting be held in-person? If so, how will that work with Covid-19 precautions?
Yes! The Annual Meeting will be held in the church’s undercroft on Sunday, June 13th at 11 am.
Masks and social distancing will be required to attend, and chairs will be set six feet apart. Weather permitting, we will also ventilate the space as much as possible (e.g. opening the doors to the back patio space.)
What about absentee voting... how does that work?
Because of these limitations in the undercroft, and in order to accommodate any Covid concerns, we encourage you to consider casting an absentee ballot this year.

Per Article III, Section 11.2(b) of our bylaws, any voting member must request an absentee ballot from the parish office during the two weeks before the Annual Meeting.Their completed ballot must be then received before the day of the Annual Meeting (e.g by Saturday, June 12) to be valid. Remember: Anyone who requests an absentee ballot may not also vote at the annual meeting.
A forthcoming email will have instructions on requesting an absentee ballot.
Okay, what are we voting for -- who’s on the ballot?
Our ballot is extra full this year: In addition to the same three vestry positions that come up for a vote every year, we will also be formally electing three members to fill the terms that started last year. Finally, we’ll also be electing both our next Senior Warden and a new Junior Warden.
The Nominations Committee is grateful to everyone who has to put their names forward for those important roles. Our nominees are as follows (one for each opening available):

Senior Warden for 2021-2023: Kevin LeGrand
Junior Warden for 2020-2022: Daniel Callis
Vestry: vEnesa Acham, Cynthia Evans, Tony Domenico, John Longsteth, Stefanie Vestal, and Arthur Warren. 

One important note on those Vestry positions: In accordance with Article III, Section 11 of our bylaws, the three candidates who receive the most votes will be elected to full terms (2021-2024) and the three candidates who receive the next-most votes will be elected to the two remaining years of the 2020-2022 terms.
Phew! Is there anything else I need to know?
Keep an eye out for that email with more details, and thanks for staying so engaged in our parish life through these unprecedented times. We hope and pray that (finally!) holding our annual meeting is the first step towards life at All Souls returning to our (new) normal.


Last Published: May 21, 2021 3:16 PM
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