May 27, 2021: God at Work

By Grace Kreher, Parish Coordinator

GraceKreher The Message: God at Work

Dear Friends,
The time has come for me to leave All Souls. This is a difficult letter for me to write because this was a difficult decision for me to make. I love this church very much and I’m sad to be leaving. 
I first came to All Souls as a parishioner. My attendance was sporadic, but I found community in a catechism group, and it was here that I joined the Episcopal Church. Coming from an Evangelical-leaning church background, I have found so much comfort here in knowing that this is a community in which folks can have different opinions on theological matters without being rejected. In other church communities I have had to tread lightly with some of my beliefs, but here I have never felt afraid to tell friends what I believe or doubt or what frustrates me about this 2,000-year-old faith we hold so dear.
The freedom I have found here to be honest about my faith has allowed me to open my eyes to see all the ways God is at work here. I have seen God at work when we baptize new members. I have seen God at work in conversations at coffee hour between people just meeting for the first time. I have seen, or rather heard, God at work in the music Bobby plays when he is practicing organ pieces while I work down the hall in my office. I have seen God at work in the reconciliation process as people listen to one another and extend empathy. I have seen God at work through our Wardens as they work so faithfully behind the scenes. I have seen God at work in the great care members of our congregation take in their ministries. I have seen God at work in our preparations to begin gathering in person each Sunday again. I could go on and on about all the big and small ways in which I’ve seen God at work here.
I am sad to leave All Souls, especially before our new interim Rector arrives. In remembering all the ways in which I have seen God at work here, though, I am filled with hope for all the ways God will be at work here going forward.
My hope for you, dear friends of All Souls, is that you will also take a moment every now and then to reflect on all the ways God is at work here and give thanks.

Last Published: May 28, 2021 1:23 PM
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