June 3, 2021: Meeting Our New Interim Rector

By Dale Lewis, Senior Warden

The Message: Meeting Our New Interim Rector

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce our Interim Rector, the Reverend Doctor Julianne Buenting, who will officially join us on August 1st. She may be able to join some parish activities in July after wrapping up her work at her current parish in Northampton, Massachusetts and settling in the Washington, DC area. One thing to know: It is not her custom to use the title “Mother” -- “Julianne” or “Reverend Julianne” are just fine with her.
Why did we, the Wardens and the Vestry, pick Rev. Julianne? We recognize that we have a unique set of challenges and opportunities right now, which call for the right priest to lead us in addressing them. Note: I didn’t say that she would address them alone.
We have a lot of rebuilding to do coming out of the pandemic and everything that led up to the reconciliation process. So, we need someone who can come alongside the ongoing reconciliation process and help us carry that work forward. We also need someone who will warmly meet the congregation where we are, listen to us, and provide spiritual leadership. Based on her experience, we believe that Rev. Julianne is the ideal fit for us.
Rev. Julianne brings with her a breadth of experience that will be invaluable as we chart our path forward coming out of the pandemic and through the rest of the reconciliation process. She has already served as Interim Rector for four parishes and clearly understands the “nuts and bolts” of running a parish the size of All Souls. It was also apparent in her interview that she more than has the mettle to provide the strong leadership that we are going to need going forward. 
Rev. Julianne also brings with her a rich spirituality to our parish family. She is a credentialed instructor of Centering Prayer and Welcoming Prayer and has experience in retreat leadership and spiritual direction.
As to her interpersonal style, one of the most interesting things about Rev. Julianne is that her doctorate is in nursing. She is a Certified Advanced Practice Nurse-Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse Midwife. She has taught nursing as an Associate Dean and Associate Professor. Seeing that on her resume for the first time was one of those “oh, wow” moments for me. Suffice it to say that her “bedside manner” has also shown through during the interview process.
With respect to that interview process, the Diocese screened candidates for “competence, character, and chemistry.” While I was not involved in selecting previous Interim Rectors, I have the clear sense that the Diocese has become more intentional about getting us the right fit for our next spiritual leader.
While they initially screened for “competence” and “character,” the Diocese rightly left “chemistry” to us. To that end, every member of the Vestry met Rev. Julianne during her interview process, either in informal sessions or during her formal interview. The Vestry’s decision to hire her was unanimous. We share her strong sense of calling to our parish and we are eager to welcome her on August 1st.
Let’s all join together in prayer for Rev. Julianne as she prepares to become our Interim Rector!

Last Published: June 8, 2021 7:26 AM
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