June 10, 2021: A Message from Our New Interim Rector

Buenting smallBy Rev. Dr. Julianne Buenting

Dear people of God at All Souls Episcopal Church,

I am delighted to send my greetings as I prepare to move to D.C. and serve the All Souls community as Interim Rector. I look forward to sharing ministry with you, as the world emerges gradually from the shadow of these many months of pandemic. I feel deeply that the Holy Spirit has guided the thoughtful and engaging process for this call.

I thank Dale Lewis for telling you a bit about me in the All Souls Weekly of June 3rd. Please allow me to share a bit more. I grew up in a college town between Buffalo and Rochester in western New York state, the eldest child of a college professor father and a middle school teacher mother. My first career choice would have been to be a teacher, but a competing interest in science and health care prevailed and I studied nursing and midwifery. Later, that dream of teaching was fulfilled by serving as a nursing and midwifery professor and administrator at universities in NY, NJ, and Chicago IL.
From childhood, I was very drawn to religious questions and seeking a closer relationship with God. That seeking continued in a crooked, fascinating, and sometimes wobbly journey leading to ordination in 2009. I can attest sincerely that God has used everything, even the difficult and unexpected things of my life, to guide me toward a life of increasing joy and trust in Christ. As a transition specialist, I have seen that our gracious God similarly guides parish communities toward thriving and the life in abundance that Jesus said he came to give us. St. Irenaeus of Lyons wrote that “the glory of God is the human person fully alive” and I hold that to be true for the entire body of Christ, the church.

It will be exciting to serve in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. I look forward to enjoying the district’s museums and cultural activities like films, theater, and live music, as these become available. My canine wingman (and occasional pastoral care assistant), a young goldendoodle named Rawley, will help me explore Rock Creek and other parks. I have warned him not to eat the cicadas, but only time will tell if he understood that instruction.

Please know that I am holding the entire All Souls’ parish community in prayer. I commend your willingness to enter into the reflection and reconciliation process over recent months. It bespeaks an openness and courage that are a seedbed for future growth and flourishing. I’m eager to see how God will guide us into a new season together.  

Grace and peace in Christ Jesus!
Julianne Buenting+

Last Published: June 11, 2021 6:23 PM
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