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Parish Demographics

All Souls has 270 members, communicants, and communicants in good standing, with Sunday attendance averaging 145. As previously mentioned, the search committee developed and conducted a survey to collect input from our parishioners, and the demographic information below reflects the results of that survey. Age Pie Chart


Age, Race, and Gender

The vast majority (80%) of the respondents falls between ages 51 and 80, but with prominent groups of young adults as well. It is a goal of the church to attract more young families and children to ensure the future of the congregation. The racial composition of All Souls is 89% white followed by 4% African American, 3% Hispanic and 2% Asian. 3% listed themselves as “other.” Unusual for almost any church, men make up the majority (55%) of our congregation. 


Race Chart


Family, Education, Income, and Location

53% of our parish is married or partnered, followed closely by 47% who are single. The vast majority (93%) have no children living at home.

We are a well-educated congregation—64% of us have post-graduate degrees, 26% hold college degrees, and 6% attended some college.

We are also a wealthy congregation, generally speaking. A majority (68%) of households in our congregation has annual income of $100,000 or more, and 30% of our households have annual income exceeding $250,000. Only 13% have annual household income less than $50,000.

We are a neighborhood church to the 30% of parishioners who live within one mile of All Souls. The largest segment of our population (35%) lives between one and five miles away, many of whom live along the Connecticut Avenue corridor in Northwest DC, and 23% live between 5-10 miles away. It is our impression that our members travel a higher than average distance to attend All Souls than other churches of similar size in the area. 

Income and Education


Faith Journey and Spiritual Growth

Years AttendingOur worshippers come from a wide church background with 32% who have been Episcopalians all their lives, while another 36% became Episcopalians before joining our parish family. However, about 27% became Episcopalian after joining All Souls. Many denominations are represented in our faith journeys to this congregation—Catholic (Roman Catholic and Orthodox), Protestant (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran), as well as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Wicca, among others. By far the most prominent prior denomination is Roman Catholic, with 34% of respondents having history with this church.

We have a healthy mix of recent and long-term members. Almost half the respondents joined within the past 10 years, with another 19% joining within the past 10-15 years. 


Our Neighborhood

All Souls Church is in Woodley Park, an affluent neighborhood in northwest Washington, lying along both sides of Connecticut Avenue a mile or so north of the downtown. Most of the neighborhood residences are apartment buildings, condominiums, and townhouses, which increase population density, but there is no lack of refreshing green space, including the National Zoological Park and Rock Creek Park along the neighborhood’s eastern edge. The church is within walking distance of two Metro stations and several stops accessing multiple bus routes.

Although many walk to services, All Souls cannot be characterized as a neighborhood parish. Less than a third of our congregants reside in Woodley Park, with the majority coming from other parts of northwest Washington and the near suburbs of Maryland and Virginia. We consider the neighborhood a largely untapped resource for us, with many young families, many of whom have recently moved to DC and might not have a church home. 

Click here to view a demographic report for the neighborhood within a half mile circumference of the church.

All Souls is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, which includes the District of Columbia and Montgomery, Prince George’s, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties in Maryland. Under the leadership of the Right Reverend Mariann Edgar Budde, the diocese has claimed that its first priority is the renewal and revitalization of our congregations and core ministries, in service to Christ’s mission. As a diocese, we feel called to engage a changing world with an enduring faith in Jesus Christ so that more may know the love of God. The diocese is blessed with rich racial and cultural diversity, including six Spanish-speaking congregations, numerous rural congregations, and a variety of urban parishes. The diocese includes in its mission the support of several international partnerships as well as seventeen Episcopal schools.

All Souls is a member of the DC North Region, one of eight geographic regions into which the diocese is divided. This region’s Episcopal communities are ripe for innovation and collaboration, and its clergy are encouraged to engage with one another not only for fellowship, but also for joint outreach, special services, and congregational development projects. 



Parishioner Testimonials




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