June 23, 2019: A Ministry of Coordination — Introducing Grace

by Father Jadon

Next week, we will welcome Grace Kreher as our full-time Parish Coordinator!  Grace was born and raised in Pennsylvania and completed undergrad at Northeastern University in Boston before pursing a Master of Divinity at Wesley Seminary in DC, which she completed last month. Raised in the United Methodist Church, during seminary she found her way to All Souls from time to time as she explored and ultimately joined the Episcopal Church. As she searched for a job in non-profit administration, she found herself drawn to church jobs, which would naturally combine her interest in supporting and fostering Christian discipleship and her interest in helping manage an organization. Her search aligned with ours, and voilà, a match emerged!

As Grace joins our staff team she will step into the role that Mary Beth Howard held for just over six years, but we have changed the title from Parish Administrator to Parish Coordinator. It is a very intentional change.  Grace will continue to be involved in many (though not all) of the same functions, but she will take on some different ones, too. My hope is that, even in the administrative work, she will work more “with” us than “for” us, helping equip, support, and empower other staff and lay leaders in their work. Hers will truly be a ministry of coordination, and I hope you will join me in relating to her less as an office manager and more as a lay associate. She and I will work very closely together, and much of her work will be to help coordinate and expand ministries that help us Care, Serve, and Grow, especially an expanded small group ministry beginning this fall in which I hope you will take part!

It will surely take a few months for Grace to settle in with us and for us to settle in to some new rhythms, but I am so excited that she is joining us in this capacity. In order for her to better know and support us as a parish, Grace’s workdays will actually include most Sundays, beginning June 30 when you will be able to meet and greet her.  Thank you for your patience as our church office has operated somewhat slowly over these last few months, and for your continued patience in the weeks and months of transition that lie ahead. With God’s grace and our new Grace, our capacity continues to grow! 

Last Published: June 20, 2019 2:06 PM
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