July 14, 2019: A Summerly State of Mind by Father Jadon

by Father Jadon

With several weeks of high temps, heavy rain storms, and holiday vacations now both behind and ahead of us, we are most certainly in the midst of summer. We had a busy June here at All Souls, and there is a lot being planned for this fall and beyond, but in between we have the opportunity to enjoy a more summerly state of mind.

Over the last few weeks lots of people have “suggested” to me that my own schedule slows way down during the summer. This has made me chuckle or downright laugh out loud. “Nope,” I’ve said each time, “the church work-load doesn’t really slow down at all.” I mean think about it, everything we usually do still happens, even if attendance drops a bit because people are traveling or taking time off. But fewer people on summer Sundays doesn’t mean less preparation. And even if there are somewhat fewer meetings during the week, and some time off for vacation, there is also a lot of planning for the next year that is happening in addition to the long list of things we want to get to “when it slows down,” and the the preparation and/or catch-up that has to happen on either side of vacation time. This summer we also have a new Parish Coordinator, Grace, who is settling in, which means we, as a staff team, are teaching and learning and adjusting, and re-imagining how our parish office functions. So, at least for your church staff, summer isn’t really slower, it’s just a bit different.

This summer we are also trying some different things on Sundays. Beginning next Sunday our 8:30 a.m. Mass will switch from the older language of “Rite 1” to the slightly more contemporary setting called “Rite 2.”  The 11:00 a.m. Mass will be spoken instead of sung; there will still be hymns and music during the offertory and Communion, but the prayers will be spoken instead of chanted. These are not intended to be permanent changes, although there will be an opportunity in a survey this fall to reflect upon these and other liturgical questions together. Rather, I invite you to think of them as part of a slightly relaxed “summerly state of mind.” The slight change in rhythm may help you hear and speak with God differently, just as the shifts in liturgy at other times in the church year help tune our hearts and minds to the season.

Last Published: October 17, 2019 3:43 PM
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