September 22, 2019: New Life in Our Gardens

You’ll often find Anne Whitman in our gardens weeding and helping keep them in order. Often she has the opportunity to interact with neighbors as they come and go with their pets or children. At other times she sees no one except for the birds, bees, and butterflies. She says it’s always a joy to experience God’s gift of creation in the form of our peaceful gardens.

In times past there was a large group of parishioners who met regularly to spend time together tending to the church grounds. Over time our gardens have been more or less elaborate, based largely upon how many hands were readily available to work them. But we now have too few gardeners to keep the current design as well tended as we all would like, and so we are undertaking a front yard “make over.” Rest assured, we aren’t attempting anything too grandiose, there will still be plenty of opportunities for volunteer gardeners, and the project is funded entirely by contributions made solely for this purpose.

In the days and weeks to come we will be expanding our front grassy area and laying a fresh new lawn, so that both parishioners and neighbors will have more space to gather, play, or rest in the shade in a neighborhood where there is very little space for this. We are thus reducing the size of the center gardens and removing overgrown plantings. A new, smaller, center memorial garden will ultimately be replanted with low-maintenance perennials and marked more clearly as a place of honor for memorials and cremated remains. Trees are being cared for and the corner of Cathedral Ave and Woodley Terrace is being neatened up by replacing ornamental grasses with a creative, low-maintenance rockscape. The line of trees beside our main front sidewalk will get a fresh bedding look, too. Finally, our sprinkler system is being adjusted to accommodate the new plans.

As you might have noticed, we have already begun to prepare and some areas are a bit messy. The work will begin September 24th and should take 3-4 days. Once the new sod is laid in the front lawn, we must refrain from doing a lot of walking on it for at least 3 weeks. Thanks for your patience!  And, If you’re interested in helping tend our grounds with your time, talent, or treasure, please let Anne know! We’d love for you to share in this ministry of both gardening and outreach.

Last Published: September 26, 2019 12:51 PM
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