November 3, 2019: Why Do We Worry

By Father Jadon

Last Sunday our guest preacher invited us to boldly embrace Jesus’ call to let go of our worry and embrace the life of abundance that has been set before us. Noelle’s message can and should be applied broadly, but she focused on the connection between our worrying and money. For many of us this worry gets amped up toward the end of the year, for a whole host of reasons. And churches, including us, often experience increased worry then too as we talk openly about money and ask people for their commitments to give. It tends to weird everyone out and create anxiety that really isn’t warranted if we truly put our trust in God. The simple fact is that we as a church family have more than enough collective resources to cover our needs. We even have enough to pursue some new goals and dreams, if we want to. And if we each commit to give what we truly can, in thanksgiving for whatever abundance we have been given, not only will we have more than enough to meet our budgetary needs but we will also reap the personal spiritual benefits that come from “letting go and letting God.”

Now it is a true serendipity that we hear the request to give of ourselves and the instruction not to worry as we now celebrate the great feasts of All Saints and All Souls. During this time we call to mind those in our own life who we “love but see no longer,” and we also give thanks for the women and men from ages past in whose faith-inspired gifts we see something truly exemplary and inspiring. And as we celebrate them we are reminded over and over again that worry has no purpose or place as we embrace the promise of eternal felicity. Worry gets us nowhere in this life, or the next. If there’s anything that gets us anywhere — as individuals or as a church — it’s faithful action. The saints call us to carry on their legacy, to do the work we have been given to do. May we do so neither timidly, nor tepidly, but with boldness. We need not be worried!

Last Published: November 1, 2019 9:49 AM
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