December 1, 2019: Yoga and Prayer in Advent

Diana Advent yoga cover photo

by Mother Diana

On December 1, the First Sunday of Advent and of the church year, we begin to prepare for Jesus’ birth. We unseal the first door on the Advent calendar, both physically and metaphorically. We open ourselves to Christ’s Second Coming, too. The Second Coming is sometimes called the Second Advent.

Preparing spiritually for the idea of Christ’s return, with a new universe healed and made whole, requires us to walk through a much bigger door in the Advent calendar. To be ready we need to practice letting go, recognizing the places in life where we are stuck.

During November, participants in Sunday Evening Yoga and Prayer practiced letting go. We tried to release our regrets, self-doubt, and other spiritual misdemeanors. We lit candles and offered our small sorrows to God.

Now in December we turn to embrace God’s coming. During Advent, we’ll listen to the Gospel of Luke as it guides us toward Christ’s nativity. We also have adopted an Advent calendar with a word each day from The Episcopal Church's "Way of Love.” On Monday we go, Tuesday we learn, Wednesday we pray, Thursday we bless, Friday we turn, and Saturday we rest. These actions prepare us for Sunday Yoga and Prayer, when we worship.

Each Sunday focuses on a story in Luke: Advent One on the Annunciation; Advent Two on the relationship of Mary and Elizabeth; Three on the birth of John the Baptist; and Four on the Birth of Jesus. On this first Sunday, for example, how do we, like Mary, say “Yes” to the journey toward Christ? Our yoga poses and breathing meditation orient us toward answers.

Come practice with us, every Sunday evening at 5:30! Newcomers are always welcome, and all levels of yoga experience are accommodated.

Last Published: December 2, 2019 3:58 PM
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