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Christmas Edition: Rector’s Christmas Message

by Father Jadon

The season of the “Christ Mass” is upon us . . . a time to wonder about an inconceivable reality that calls us to seek and find grace, and peace, and all things holy in unexpected places and unexpected faces . . . a time to look back to the coming of Christ in a manger . . . to look now for the presence of Christ in each other . . . and to look forward to the unfolding of Christ’s reign in the future!

Christmas is certainly one of the very greatest “feasts” of the year, alongside myriad other feasts that help us learn about Jesus from those who have journeyed before us. The closets feast to Christmas is for Saint Thomas, on December 21. Many of us know him as “doubting Thomas,” and many of us find refuge for our own doubts in Thomas’ need to see the risen Jesus for himself in order to believe in his resurrection. And yet, when we take a wider view of Thomas’ journey with Jesus, we see someone willing to risk everything because of a profound faith in Jesus, rather than someone constrained by doubt.  Thomas didn’t doubt Jesus. He doubted what other people said about Jesus. Personal experience, not hearsay, is what fueled his faith.

There is much in the Christmas story that we can doubt or dismiss.  And yet we teach it to our children and tell it to one another, every year. There is something undeniably powerful and hopeful and attractive about the notion that our Creator loves us enough to take on our limitations in order to reach us. In order to grasp us. The truth of the Incarnation is that God wants (needs?) personal experience of us just as much as we want and need personal experience of God. Often we get bogged down trying to explain the holy rather than letting ourselves simply experience it.  But Christmas is a time to seek and find grace, and peace, and all things holy in unexpected places and unexpected faces. Christmas is a time for us to remember that our ability to understand is much more limited than our ability to know.

May this Christmas season be a time for us to renew our desire to experience the mystery of the Incarnation, of God among us, and let go of our need to understand or control it. May this Christmas be a time to seek, find, and simply adore. 

Last Published: December 21, 2017 10:09 AM
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