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May 6, 2018: Finding Christian Community at All Souls

by Karen Kucik

For a creed, the words I spoke at my grandson’s Easter baptism pretty much say it all:  “I will seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving my neighbor as myself.”  I stood with my family and accepted—once again—that I still have plenty of work to do.

I recognize the new life given us by the death and resurrection of Jesus, but I ask myself whether the life I lead, the words I say, and the priorities I set give witness to my baptism in Christ.  I confront the discrepancy between my words and my actions.  Some days, the task is really difficult.  A driver cuts me off, and I wish him misfortune. The bills must be paid, and I long for personal wealth.  One of my family disagrees with me about a political issue, and I blurt out my angry disapproval.  I truly want to put on the ways of Jesus… but I just can’t seem to get transformed!

In 2016, I transferred my church membership to All Souls, and also started attending the All Souls Women’s Group.  I find that the members of the group are very intentional about spiritual growth, each putting effort into understanding her relationships with God and with each other.

Recently, the women’s group has been reading and discussing Brené Brown’s book, Braving the Wilderness, which explores how to have the courage to stand alone for what we believe in a society that so often has us seeking the culturally normative thing to do.  In our meetings, we have been grappling with the concept of feeling that we “belong,” even when with folks who seem to be our polar opposites. I do feel that sense of belonging at our meetings, however, and am grateful that there, I can trust that I can be my authentic self in spite of differences.  We are trying to find love and true belonging in our shared humanity.  Sounds kind of like Jesus, doesn’t it? The women’s group meetings have been a most rewarding Christian learning experience for me.  I believe our meetings are sacred time and help us grow and build a strong and healthy Christian community. Come and see!

Curious? Whether it’s the women’s group or another opportunity here at All Souls like Foyer Dinners, Education for Ministry (EFM), Adult Forum, or any number of new “small groups” that are beginning to emerge, I hope you too are being nourished and strengthened and, like me, are getting closer and closer to living more fully into our baptismal promise.

Last Published: May 3, 2018 1:18 PM
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