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May 27, 2018: Recap of Father Jadon's Parish Address

by Father Jadon

Last Sunday I offered an extended homily and parish address during our celebration of Pentecost, before our Annual Meeting. The complete audio is available online at www.allsoulsdc.org/worship.  In my homily I tried to draw attention to the way that some form of unity or togetherness precedes, in the Pentecost story, the enlivening and empowering of the disciples by the Holy Spirit.  In other words, the gift of the Holy Spirit is not primarily about the enlivening of our individual lives of faith or our individual mandates.  Rather, the Holy Spirit empowers us, first and foremost, to further stretch and expand our witness to and participation in God’s work of living redemption, as a gathered community of Jesus followers.  It’s about increasing our capacity and bandwidth.

This last year at All Souls a great deal of our bandwidth has been devoted to the “grow” part of the triad of parish priorities that we discerned and named together last year: Grow, Care, Serve. Opportunities for spiritual growth have been added or altered and are reaching more people more consistently and more deeply. And a considerable amount of bandwidth has been given to a whole host of “administrative” changes or transitions with regard to our staff, leadership, and administrative and communications tools.  Much of this has work has been behind the scenes.

The year to come needs to be a year when we bring even more new bandwidth to bear. First, in the year to come we need to begin focusing more on the other two foci of our parish—the desire to care and serve.  We need to build upon, integrate, expand, and re-vision our current efforts so that more people are involved and more people are served and cared for.

We also have some more housekeeping to do here as a church family.  We have some serious capital projects that it is time to confront and handle . . . and several important ongoing efforts, especially in the areas of stewardship and welcome that are ready for renewal.  And we need to increase the bandwidth we have and make available to engage the serious issues of our day and respectfully, lovingly find ways to engage and respond as a people of God gathered together and walking in the light and love of Jesus.

There is so much ahead of us as a community of Jesus . . . and I am constantly reassured by the notion that God can do with us so much more than we can ask or imagine . . . especially when we are come together to be empowered by the Spirit.

Last Published: May 24, 2018 10:27 AM
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