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June 3, 2018: Love in Community

by Father Jadon

A few weeks ago, many of us joined millions, and possibly billions, to watch Harry wed Meghan.  Only a very small percentage of those millions and billions knew, or cared, about who had been selected to offer the homily. Even fewer were prepared for the sermon itself . . . which brought our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry’s, fiery, passionate preaching style together with a message about the power of love to change lives and to change the world. Less than a week after that wedding, Bishop Curry came to DC with “elders” from other Christian churches to launch a “Reclaiming Jesus” movement.  As thousands of people gathered to hear the elders speak, Bishop Curry rose into the pulpit to a standing ovation and preached again a call to radical love. “Love the neighbors you like and love the ones you don’t like,” he preached. We remind ourselves every Sunday that Jesus teaches us to prioritize love for our neighbors over everything else in our life except love for God.  But putting that into practice day to day takes much more than lip service and is extremely challenging when we consider the implications of that call to the fullest. Nevertheless, “measuring your life in love,” as my favorite song from the musical Rent puts it, is what Jesus calls us to do.

This Sunday marks the first Sunday of “ordinary time,” the long season between Trinity Sunday and Advent when our focus on Sundays becomes the day to day and year to year realities of living a faithful life. For Christians that means (re)learning and (re)prioritizing the call to love in community. Many Christians root the beginning of this season in the celebration of Corpus Christi, Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist.  Whatever you personally believe about the bread and wine that we share, in the Eucharist we are drawn together in community around Christ’s one table of love by the sharing of one Bread and one Cup.  When Jesus instituted the Eucharist, it was as a communal rite, a practice meant to draw his disciples together in unity, each time they did it in remembrance of him. In other words, we cannot commune with God without being in communion with one another. And that reality can change us, if we embrace it.  Over the next several weeks our adult formation offerings will allow us to further plumb the depths of this great and holy mystery and I invite you to take part.  We are also now coming together again around Foyer Dinner tables, and I invite us to go deeper with this practice and truly embrace it as an opportunity to build intentional, genuine, loving community with one another.

When summer comes, many of us find our way to church less than in the great festal seasons around Christmas and Easter.  But the challenge and opportunity to love in community is with us every day and every season.  Let us embrace it with as much conviction as Bishop Curry.
Last Published: May 31, 2018 8:23 AM
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