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October 28, 2018: Welcoming our Youngest Members

by Hilary Wilcox

“What a lovely church,” I thought after walking past All Souls for the first time about a decade ago. It reminded me of a little church in the English countryside. Eventually, I gave it a try, and before long I really started to feel at home. I participated in foyer dinners, Habitat for Humanity, Country/Western night, and knitting group (I failed miserably at that!). I marched in the Pride parade and served on the rector search committee. I married my husband Mike here, and our son Cameron was baptized here as well. Even though there weren’t many other families with young kids in the parish, we kept coming, because I wanted my son to be part of my All Souls family too.

Cameron is now almost five years old. The first time I ever heard him talk about God was when he was about three and a half. We were walking back from the zoo, and as we approached the parking lot he pointed to a stained glass window and said very excitedly, “God lives in there!” I felt surprised and somewhat in awe. How did he know who God was? I thought all he knew about church was that there were toys in the nursery and treats at coffee hour. We hadn’t really talked about God yet, other than to say, “God loves you,” or offer grace at dinnertime. But apparently he knew more than I could have imagined.

We all come to church for different reasons, but our commonality is that we want to know God and worship together. Kids want that, too. Thanks to Father Jadon’s leadership, we now have a dedicated, seminary-trained staff person to lead our efforts with children (and our new group for parents!).  Brian teaches the children through songs, stories, and participation in our services. Cameron loves singing about Jesus and carrying the gifts to the altar. I feel that these moments are imprints on his soul that he will carry always. I am especially grateful  for what Sophie, Izzy, and Stefanie add to Brian’s efforts and for the gentle care that Nora and Candida offer in the nursery.

Thank you for welcoming our youngest members.

Your pledge helps to make the children’s program a reality, and I want to personally thank you for how your generosity has benefited my family. There are so many ways in which your pledge helps us to grow and flourish.  Please join me in making a 2019 pledge for our very special church community. As they say, “it takes a village.” You won’t regret it.

Weekly Messages in October are related to our 2019 stewardship campaign’s theme,
“Toward love and good deeds.” More info at www.allsoulsdc.org/giving.

Last Published: October 25, 2018 2:06 PM
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