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November 25, 2018: Happy Thanksgiving!

by Daniel Callis, Senior Warden




I believe most of us know that Christ the King Sunday is a relatively new innovation, established less than 100 years ago to honor the authority and power of Jesus as king and lord of all things.  We as Anglicans have embraced the new tradition and its placement at the end of the church year.  Christ reigns triumphant!  Then the cycle begins anew the following Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent, as we anticipate Christ’s birth.

Traditions are so important during the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is no exception.  We often gather with the same people in the same places for the same dinner year after year.  Turkey may be de rigueur, but the whole holiday may feel ruined if you don’t get your favorite pie.  However, each year may bring change.  Perhaps a cherished loved one has passed on, or there is a fresh, new baby bouncing on someone’s knee.  Or both.  Often, friends and family gather for a blessing where each person present must say something for which they are thankful.

In this season, I give thanks to God for you, my church family at All Souls.  Thank you for the joys and the challenges of leadership. Thank you for believing in the importance of beauty in worship.  Thank you for music that stirs the soul.  Thank you for embracing Bishop Michael’s message of the transformative power of love.

Whatever your Thanksgiving plans, I pray that you enjoy a safe holiday that will leave you with warm memories for years to come.

Last Published: November 20, 2018 3:27 PM
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