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December 2, 2018: Making Meaning, One Day at a Time

by Father Jadon


The holiday season is upon us! The National Christmas Tree has been lit, Christmas music is beginning to play all around us, and holiday parties and shopping are beginning to fill our calendars. But each year as the holiday rush begins, the church offers several very counter-cultural invitations. We clothe ourselves in hopeful blue rather than holiday red. We remind ourselves that there are still four Sundays before the “Christ Mass.” And we spend these weeks celebrating not Christmas but Advent. The season of Advent offers its own kind of richness. Now, as we approach the darkest day of the year, when daylight is at its absolute minimum, Advent offers us the opportunity to return to our primal roots, slow down in the cold and the darkness, and wait for the coming light.  It’s an invitation to align our primal instincts and our spiritual instincts as we wait for both the sun and the Son. And as we gather to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent, we also celebrate the beginning of a new Christian year.


It is incredibly counter-cultural to chose to slow down when everyone else is speeding up, to chose to wait when everyone else is asking you to arrive, and to celebrate a new year when everyone else is focused on finishing the old one. But doing these things helps remind us of the many more counter-cultural ways of being that Jesus models and invites us to embrace every day of the year and each day of our lives. Many of our Advent traditions work to remind us that the Way that Jesus invites his followers to walk is travelled one day at a time. The advent wreathes that we light in church on Sundays can also be lit in our homes each day, reminding us to tend the light of Christ within ourselves “seven whole days, not one in seven.”  There are all kinds of Advent calendars, too, that not only build anticipation as we journey toward Christmas but, also, invite us to embrace the joys and lessons on offer every day.  Daily devotionals, like the gratitude-themed one from Living Compass that we will be using this season, are another kind of Advent calendar, offering us the opportunity to devote a few minutes each day to reflect upon our life of faith. However you chose to do it, I hope you will chose to make these Advent days full of Advent meaning in preparation for all that is to come.


Last Published: November 29, 2018 3:40 PM
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