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December 9, 2018: Angels--Being Generous with Others

by Karen Kucik


Almost thirty-five years ago, before cell phones and Ubers, it was Christmas Eve for a newly-separated mother and her young son and daughter. It was hard for the kids, grieving from their parents' separation and the loss of their home, to look beyond all of the product-driven hoopla and remember what Christmas was really about. It was hard for the mom, too. She had been rejected and humiliated, and her determination to prove that she could "do it all by herself" was feeling fragile. 

The dad would be picking up the children on Christmas morning, so the mom was anxious to get them to church, then back to their unfamiliar rented house for a favorite dinner and nativity stories. It all felt awful—even though the mom had employment, and there was food in the house and a roof over their heads. To make matters worse, it was miserably cold and rainy. Life felt totally out of control.

The real drama began after church, when the car would not start. The mom hurried the children back inside. Everyone from the children's service had already left. The choir and other folks who were part of the next service were drifting in, so the mom began to ask—as calmly as she could—if anyone could give them a ride. The rental house was only ten minutes away, she begged. All those she approached said: "No." "Sorry." The mom couldn't believe the lack of human compassion. She prayed not to cry, or worse, to curse. 

Suddenly, the elderly priest who would be presiding at the next service walked over and asked what had happened. Calmly and quietly he said, "Come on. I'll give you a ride." Back at the house, the children nicknamed the priest “our angel.”

The mom spent Christmas Day alone, and amazed by the man she didn't know at all who had rescued her and her children. This was truly a good-news person, who in response to God's amazing grace, brought comfort and strength and joy. Yes, an angel.


This holiday season, many families in our city are struggling in various ways. If you’d like to help brighten Christmas for one of them, please take part in one of our All Souls traditions, the Angel Giving Tree. The gifts will go to children and parents served by Housing Up, one of our ministry partners, which supports homeless and vulnerable families.

Last Published: December 6, 2018 11:22 AM
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