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April 14, 2019: Cross Fit

by Father Jadon

You have probably heard of the fitness brand and movement called CrossFit. With more than 13,000 affiliated gyms around the world, to say CrossFit is successful or popular is an understatement. In my experience, CrossFit workouts are pretty intense, incorporating elements of high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and more.  One of the things that makes CrossFit workouts unique is that you almost always do them with a group of people who encourage one another to do their best, and to do more than they might think they are able. Ideally the group also helps keep you from pushing too hard and hurting yourself, or others. 

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the Sunday of the Passion. It is the first of two times over the next seven days when we will hear the full Gospel account of Jesus’s journey to the cross and his crucifixion upon it.  We’ll experience Luke’s version of this “Passion” narrative on Palm Sunday, and then another version, from the Gospel of John, on Good Friday. In both accounts we’ll hear of human selfishness, betrayal, and a kind of herd mentality that can lead humans to let go of convictions they otherwise embrace and hold dear. In stark contrast, we will also hear of Jesus’s incomprehensible obedience, humility, sacrifice, and single-mindedness. And as we make our way through all this, the focal point and instrument of the narrative is the cross itself, on which hangs our salvation.

 During this Lenten season, the blessing that has sent us into the world each Sunday has asked Christ to give us grace to grow in holiness, deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow him. As we enter Holy Week, we are invited to meditate even more purposefully on what taking up our cross and following Jesus does and does not look like. We are invited to exercise ourselves spiritually . . . to support one another on a journey that will stretch and test every one of our capacities if we fully commit ourselves to it . . . to put our faith through its paces . . . to be “cross fit.” Ultimately, we know the promises of Easter lie ahead. But that doesn’t mean each one of us couldn’t benefit from some heavy lifting and a good, hard workout.

Last Published: April 10, 2019 5:12 PM
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