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A Stewardship Note from Calvin Zon

The best thing about my stewardship talk this morning will be its brevity. It's about as long as Lincoln's 3 minute Gettysburg Address, and if I prove as eloquent as Lincoln, you will all double your pledges. I'm sure this will happen.

I was baptized at All Souls on Nov. 4th 1945, two months after the surrender of Japan. Although my memory of that day is hazy, I'm told I was well-behaved. Every year on the date of my baptism, I get a card in the mail from All Souls. The card means a lot to me and so does All Souls. My now-adult children, Cary and Chapman, were baptized in this same sanctuary.
In addition to religion and politics, they say there are two other topics one should be very circumspect in bringing up--sex and money, especially money. But here it goes.
As you probably know, All Souls is facing challenges in terms of membership and resources. Over the decades I have seen our pews overflowing, later to nearly empty, later still to overflowing again, to now somewhat less than overflowing.
Each time we have rebounded, and not just because of the beauty of our stained glass windows (the Washington Post called us "a little gothic jewel) or our melodious choir, or our outreach work. There has been a shared spirit, perhaps even a Holy Spirit, and a mutual caring that has guided our flock, like the thoughtful cards I recently received concerning my wife's health challenges. 
Like America as a whole, All Souls must maintain and improve our physical and social infrastructure, my favorite word of late.  Our $375,000 goal represents a 15 percent increase from last year's pledges. As you determine your pledge for next year, we ask that you remain prayerfully open to increasing your pledge to help All Souls meet our increased goal and fulfill its various internal and external ministries. 
Please give what you can so that we may not only survive, but also grow and prosper. 
Thank you and God bless.

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