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The Rector

The Rev. Jadon D. Hartsuff

Jadon Hartsuff

More about Father Jadon

Leaders meeting

Leadership at All Souls takes many forms. Like many churches, we do a lot with a little.  The Rector and Parish Administrator are the only full-time staff.  The Director of Music is half-time, and the Sexton and Bookkeeper only work one day a week.  Our ministries are led, supported, and grown by volunteers-- some elected to Vestry (the board that leads the parish), appointed to the Endowment Board (which monitors our investments and makes mission grants), and the many other committees, guilds, task forces, and informal groups that make up the life and witness of All Souls.

Parish Administrator
Ms. Mary Beth Howard



Sunday Sexton
Mr. Moises Flores


Honorary Assisting Clergy (non-stipendiary)
The Reverend Elizabeth Orens


More about Mother Orens

Honorary Assisting Clergy (non-stipendiary)
The Reverend Elena Thompson, O.P.A.

More about Sister Elena

Honorary Assisting Clergy (non-stipendiary)
The Reverend Christopher Worthley

More about Father Worthley

Honorary Assisting Clergy (non-stipendiary)
The Reverend Cameron Soulis

More about Mother Soulis

The Vestry of All Souls

The Vestry is the governing board of the parish and consists of the Rector, the Wardens and lay members. (Originally the word referred to the room where the priest would put on his vestments, at which time local laity would meet with him to discuss the affairs of the parish. Later, the word came to refer to the leaders, instead of the room.)

The Rector presides at meetings of the Vestry which handle the parish’s business and temporal matters. Additionally, the Vestry serves as a council of advice for the Rector. The Episcopal Church uses a representative form of government and members of the Vestry are elected at the Parish’s annual meeting. The Vestry serves many of the functions served by boards of directors or trustees of other organizations or businesses. As its primary responsibility, the Vestry oversees the parish’s financial health. In partnership with the rector, it develops and approves the annual parish budget. The Vestry also serves as an advisory council to the rector who by church law is the parish’s chief liturgical and pastoral officer.

While all meetings of Vestry are open to the public, it is a courtesy to let the Rector or Senior Warden know that you would like to attend.  The Vestry reserves the right to go into an executive session (according to the By-Laws of the Parish and the Canons of the Episcopal Church) in the event that sensitive or personal information is discussed.

Vestry Meeting Minutes

Members of the Vestry

Jeff Wells for Website
Jeff Wells, senior warden
Term ends 2017

Email Jeff

Daniel Callis, junior warden
Term ends 2018
Email Daniel

Brannon EMF
Ike Brannon
Term ends 2019
Email Ike

Greg Lebel
Term ends 2017
Email Greg

Jen Catena Davis
Term ends 2018
Email Jen

Barry Huber
Term ends 2019
Email Barry

Heidi Rasciner
Term ends 2019
Email Heidi

Elaine Eaker
Term ends 2018
Email Elaine

Jonathan Nicholas
Term ends 2017
Email Jonathan

Melissa Barrett
Term ends 2018
Email Melissa

Rick Taylor
Term ends 2017
Email Rick

Ex officio


Terry Cain, treasurer
Email Terry

Leigh Harrison

Leigh Harrison, registrar
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