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All Souls are Green

All Souls Are Green!


All Souls is committed to environmental sustainability as a part of our role as christian stewards of God's creation.  In our prayers of the people that we say corporately every Sunday, we in fact pray: "Give us all a reverence for the earth as thine own creation, that we may use its resources rightly in the service of others and to thine honor and glory."
This picture shows the construction of our new storm water exfiltration trench, which collects rainwater runoff from our gutters, parking lot and walkways.  It cleans the water and holds it so it can seep back into the ground at an acceptable rate, replenishes the groundwater and reduces the load on the city storm water system.  This, along with efficient lighting, natural exterior finishes, HVAC and other features are just some of the ways we try to live our values. 
For more information about All Souls are Green, contact Dan Weisshaar. Click here to view More Photos.

All Souls Are Green is our parish environmental stewardship committee. Please join us as we help our church and our members go green, save energy and respond to the challenge of climate change. Many of us are also involved in the non-profit group Interfaith Power and Light and its local affiliate Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light both of which help provide a religious response to climate change for people of all faiths.

We would also like to become an Energy Star Congregation and hope to begin the application process soon.

Come join us!  There is still a lot to do.  Talk to Tony or Martha Domenico who lead our group to learn more.  Or just attend the next meeting - look in the weekly bulletin for an announcement. All are welcome and the only expertise you need is an interest and a willing hand to offer help.


Over the last three years, All Souls Are Green has:

  • Re-lamped much of the parish education wing and undercroft with compact fluorescent lights and installed programmable thermostats throughout the church that have saved thousands of dollars in avoided energy costs.
  • Installed weather stripping around doors, windows and window air conditioners.
  • Started a recycling program for plastic, steel, aluminum, paper and other recyclables. (Sign up for the Sunday rotation to take out the recycling!) 
  • Organized an environmentally themed Rogation Sunday service complete with “beating the bounds,” an old Anglican rogation tradition that dates back hundreds of years. 
  • Eliminated Styrofoam cups at coffee hour in favor or recycled paper cups. 
  • Visited St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, to learn about their photovoltaic panels and learn whether All Souls would be a good candidate for solar.  (We’re not. Our roof orientation and proximity to nearby tall buildings prevent this from being a viable option.)  
  • Distributed a “carbon fast” calendar for Lent. 
  • Sponsored an adult forum where Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb of Adat Shalom Temple in Bethesda, and the Board Chair of Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light spoke about the call in the old and new testament for environmental action and responsibility for people of all faiths. 
  • Raised over $400 dollars during Christmas 2010 for compact fluorescent light bulbs that we donated to the Episcopal Center for Children and to Habitat for Humanity working here in DC. These bulbs add up to over $6,890 savings in avoided energy costs and replacement incandescent bulbs for these charities, enabling them and their clients to spend more of their scarce resources on programs that help people instead of pay utility bills.



Episcopal Men's Fellowship

The Episcopal Men's Fellowship is open to all men of All Souls. It meets every other month over a meal in the church undercroft and features a presentation--often a travelogue--along with an occasional singalong. For more information please contact Ike Brannon. 



Garden Guild

Every Anglican church needs an English Head Gardener.  All Souls’ comes in the form of one Jennifer ‘Scissorhands’ Johnston.  She  enthusiastically coaches all the Under Gardener volunteers who are known officially as the Garden Guild.  Children in the church (and even those walking by who show an interest) can also get a lively lesson or two from Jennifer – or even the chance to have some fun planting something.  

Jennifer describes the All Souls garden this way:  The church is set back from the bustle of Connecticut Avenue and boasts a fairly large front garden with a lawn and benches under a huge shade tree, and a new peaceful back garden that is terraced and accessible from the Undercroft.  The back is a perennial garden with Hydrangeas, Hollies, Dystillium, Boxwood and Irish yews among other shrubs.  There is also a garden along the east side of the church on Woodley Place.

The All Souls Garden Guild welcomes all gardeners, would-be gardeners, and anyone else just wanting to be in the fresh air and chat.  No experience is necessary!  We will show you the difference between weeds and flowers!  

For more information contact Jennifer at



Wise and Mature Ministry


Coffee Hour

What is Coffee Hour all about in the first place?

For the hour or so before we meet in the undercroft, we meet in our sanctuary for a time of corporate worship. With our beautiful and inspired liturgy we hear the word of God through readings, the homily, the creed, prayers, hymns and anthems. We know and believe that God is with us from the teachings of our Lord because “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” With that in mind, when we gather for Coffee Hour, our Lord is also present. We are given the time to worship in a far different way. This “Fellowship Time” is a prime opportunity to visit with people we’ve seen before but don’t know very well. It is a time to welcome newcomers and give them a taste of our church hospitality over a coffee and a bite to eat. It is a time for us to invite friends we know from work or neighbors. Coffee Hour is such a huge opportunity for us to be present that the potential benefits are endless.


Coffee Hour at All Souls is truly legendary, not because of the food but because of our church spirit of love and welcoming. For more information contact Daniel Callis or Jennifer Crier Johnston, or review the Coffee Hour guidelines below.


All Souls Coffee Hour: Information for Hosts

Sign-up sheets to host breakfast or coffee hour are located on the bulletin board in the undercroft. Please contact Jennifer Johnston or Daniel Callis if you have any questions.


  • Coffee hour hosts usually serve simple fare:  cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, cookies, fruit, cake, coffee cake, party leftovers, and “finger food” of all description.  Some hosts like to prepare an elaborate spread; everyone enjoys these special coffee hours but simplicity is the standard.  We’re not providing brunch or lunch but a little refreshment to fuel conversation.  The true purpose of coffee hour is to extend the fellowship—begun during Mass—among members, friends, guests, and newcomers.

  • Plan for 70 or 80 people from September to June, 50 or 60 in July and August.

  • Some hosts like to serve a special beverage as part of a theme or as a seasonal treat.  For example, lemonade or iced tea can be nice in the heat of summer.  However, know that coffee, hot tea, and punch are provided by the parish.

  • Any foods cooked with or containing alcohol (with the exception of flavor extracts) must be clearly identified.

  • If alcoholic beverages are to be served, they must be served at a separate station that is monitored at all times to prevent underage drinking.  In addition, there must be an appealing non-alcoholic beverage available with at least equal prominence.

  • Consider bringing some shelf-stable goodies (packaged cookies, jarred salsa, chips, etc.) that can be left unopened to stock the pantry for "Loaves and Fishes" Sundays.


  • Plastic cutlery, napkins, hot and cold cups, and plates are always available.

  • Coffee, hot tea, and punch will be made by our Sexton Moises Flores.  In addition, sugar, milk, and stirrers are provided by the parish.

  • Serving plates, bowls, and platters are in the kitchen’s lower cabinets.

  • Tables will be set up, with tablecloths, in the undercroft.  Moises will arrange the room after Adult Forum concludes.  If you would like to use the back garden, please plan to assist with setting up the tables on the terrace and getting the tables back into storage at the conclusion of coffee hour.  

Please inform Jennifer, Daniel, or Moises if any supplies are running low.


  • Plan to arrive about 30 minutes before Mass begins.

  • Arrange your food on plates, bowls, or platters, ready to serve.  It may be impractical to actually cook something, especially since coffee hour prep may be sharing kitchen space with breakfast clean-up.  However, if you have frozen items that need to be heated or anything that should be served warm, please make arrangements with Moises.

  • Leave the completed platters in the kitchen, in the refrigerator if necessary.


  • You may want to go to the undercroft early, such as after communion or first-out-of-the-door after the dismissal, to help Moises with any last-minute preparations.

  • Double-check that everything you meant to serve is on the tables and not hiding in the refrigerator or oven!

  • Put on a name tag and encourage others to do the same.

  • If you are hosting coffee hour on behalf of an All Souls ministry, set out and distribute ministry materials as you see fit.


Moises cleans the undercroft after coffee hour; however, some assistance is always appreciated.  For example, you can:

  • Clear away empty serving platters and keep the tables looking fresh;

  • Wipe off and put away tablecloths;

  • Help put away the tables and chairs.


Thank you for enhancing the fellowship at All Souls!

All Souls Photos
Photos from the dedication of our accessibility addition and the laying of the cornerstone on May 31, 2015.
On November 15, 2015, we held a combined mass at 10 a.m. and a reception afterwards to celebrate Fr. John as he left for New York City and his new call as rector of Church of the Holy Trinity.
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