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Welcome to All Souls Episcopal Church

We are delighted you took the time to stop by and visit our website.   We are a place where you can come learn and experience the love and fellowship of a vibrant and accepting church family. 

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Who Are We?

All Souls is a community that professes Jesus as Christ in the tradition of the Episcopal Church.  We believe our place within the larger story is to offer a welcoming, progressive, and thoughtful community.  In homage to the great stories of the past, we choose to preserve the beauty of traditional liturgy seeking novelty and innovation in the ways we love and serve the world. The beauty of our community lies in its diverse canon of stories.   Some of our stories are ancient.  Others are newer and are still being written in the lives of those who worship here.  All Souls is a place to meet with God through worship and community, a place to catch your breath, find your voice, and discover a way to meaningfully contribute to the world around you.


How do We Celebrate the Love of God and Renew Our Commitment to Christ?

We strive to reflect the all-embracing love of Christ in our hospitality to friends and strangers alike.  All are welcome here.  Please join us for Sunday Mass at 8:30 or 11:00 a.m. or Wednesdays at noon.  We also offer morning prayer (Matins) at 7:15AM and Eucharist at 7:30AM on Thursdays.  All Souls has wonderful worship ministries, many of which enable you to take part and learn about our beautiful, centuries-old Anglo-Catholic liturgy.  We have a vibrant music program that draws from both liturgical and secular traditions and offer opportunities to enjoy beautiful music in a beautiful setting:  Advent and Christmas Lessons and Carols; Holy Week and Easter; and our Summer Sacred Music Festival.  These all add to our regular Sunday music program. We invite you to join us for these special events.


How Do I Join the Church?

If you would like to make a commitment to this faith then consider becoming a member.  Find out more about what that means and how you do that here


How Do We Serve Christ in Others?

We look for opportunities to reach out to our community and provide Christian love and support wherever and whenever we can.  This takes many forms.  We believe in faith in action to provide an outward and visible sign of Christ’s love for the world and to further our own personal transformation through Jesus Christ in service to others.  Our church is also blessed with an endowment that we use to provide grants to charities here in the city and around the world.  In the last year we have given away nearly $90,000 to charity.


How Do We Share Our Faith?

The word “evangelism” has become politically and socially smeared.  We want to take that word back.  At All Souls, we share our faith but we aren’t pushy about it.  We evangelize to share the love of Christ for everyone because we believe God’s love is inclusive and makes the world a better place. One of the ways we do this is by participating in community events including Washington’s annual Capital Pride Festival, the 17th Street Festival and other neighborhood events.  If you know of events we should attend or take part in, or if you would like to join our efforts or promote All Souls, consider joining our Communications Committee which meets monthly.   


How Do We Nurture and Care for Our Church Family?

We are a family.  No, really.  It’s not just a cliché with us.  Joining All Souls means making yourself part of a family and relying on that family to challenge and grow your faith; share the love of God;  have a great time together in social settings; and care and support each other. 


For more information about All Souls, including general questions or questions about joining the congregation, please feel free to contact any of the individuals below:
The Parish Administrator, Mary Beth Howard, at
The Senior Warden, Daniel Callis, at

The Parish Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  During the week when the parish office is open, visitors may come to the door located on the Woodley Place side of the education/office annex adjacent to the driveway into the parking lot. Ring the doorbell for entry. 


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Come, learn and be a part of our family.

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