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2018 Stewardship Photo

Pledge to All Souls

There are 3 ways you can submit your stewardship pledge to All Souls:

  1. Via Web Form
  2. Via Pledge Card
  3. Through Realm 
    Log in to your account, and click Giving under the main menu, and then + Pledge
Rejoice, ye pure in heart! Rejoice, give thanks and sing!

Each fall those who call All Souls their spiritual home are invited to make a financial pledge to the church’s mission and ministry for the year to come. As an organization funded almost entirely from member gifts, pledging is an important and necessary part of our budgeting process.  From an individual perspective, prayerfully discerning what portion of your treasure we will offer to God by way of the Church is an opportunity for us each to think about our priorities and how we express them in our financial lives. 

This year our pledge campaign will be steeped in the sentiments of the beloved hymn text: “Rejoice, ye pure in heart! Rejoice, give thanks and sing!” We will sing this hymn throughout the month as we remember the saints and all the faithful departed and celebrate our national Thanksgiving holiday. The pledge campaign will conclude on the final day of the church year, the Feast of Christ the King on the last Sunday of November. All of these celebrations invite us to inform and infuse our stewardship season with a spirit of thanks for the work of the church of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, with deep appreciation and joyful expectation.

2017 has been a busy year of transition here at All Souls. Questions have been asked, many thoughts and opinions have been sought and shared, immediate priorities have been discerned together, and relationships new and old have been nurtured. A natural period of turnover among our officers, vestry, and staff has meant that a tremendous amount of energy has been expended behind-the-scenes.  Nevertheless, we have continued or expanded nearly every offering of the parish while working to infuse the core principles we discerned together during Lent—to Care, Serve, Grow—into every aspect of our life together. Perhaps most notable have been the increases in participation and commitment to our offerings of service and our offerings of Christian education and formation for all ages.   

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year. As this time of transition settles, we look forward to continuing and deepening work that has already begun. The vestry is hard at work exploring what it means to be a church of our size in our time and place. A new governance committee has been formed to help the vestry investigate the various policies that are already in place or should be in place to support our mission. The endowment board continues its work to grow the investments that help fund our service to the community. Our gatherings for fellowship, service, and formation are all stronger than ever, including the Adult Forum, the 3 Parish Ministry for Refugee Support, the Men’s Fellowship, Women of All Souls, and our ministries for the “Wise and Mature” and those in their 20s and 30s. In the next year we will work to further strengthen and expand all of these efforts and opportunities as well as a variety of smaller groupings like our new Education for Ministry (EFM) group, a new Radical Welcome group, and renewed opportunities to gather in small groups for fellowship and spiritual formation (i.e. Foyer Dinners 2.0). Our staff and lay leaders are stretching to support and build all of these efforts, on top of the ongoing administration of the parish, while also looking for ways to be more efficient and economical. 

At the end of October, we will present a first-round asking budget to the vestry that includes balanced revenue and expenses of approximately $664,000 and pledge income of approximately $599,000.  This represents an increase in pledge income of approximately 10% over 2017 pledges. This is an ambitious goal, but it is one that we believe is within our grasp.  The asking budget allows us to maintain all of our existing ministries, pay for regular increases in the cost of doing business, and support incremental expansions to our offerings, especially in the area of Christian formation for all ages.  Deepening our programs for spiritual enrichment was at the top of our parish surveys as we worked to call a new rector, and we propose that this is the time to invest more in that priority.

 Thank you for prayerfully considering what portion of your treasure you will pledge to the work of the church. As always, we remain open and available to discuss any thoughts or questions you might have.

Daniel Callis, Senior Warden
Greg Lebel, Junior Warden

Jadon Hartsuff, Rector


Online Giving

To make a one-time or recurring gift to fulfill your pledge, please log into the church's new system, Realm, with your existing information or create an account. 

Click here to log in to Realm.

Note: we are phasing out our old system, All Souls Connects, and replacing it with Realm. Please only set up new recurring gifts in Realm, as we expect to shut off the old system by the end of the year. Thank you!

Click here for step-by-step instructions for setting up pledges and recurring gifts in Realm.

For assistance, please contact Mary Beth Howard, parish administrator, at or 202-232-4244, extension 301.


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