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All Souls Endowment

The Vestry of All Souls’ Parish established an endowment fund decades ago to enable the Parish to fulfill its mission more completely by developing ministries beyond what is possible through its annual operating funds. Distributions from the endowment are primarily limited to: (1) capital improvements to the Parish; (2) outreach ministries and grants; (3) seed money for new ministries or special one-time Parish ministry projects; (4) and such other purpose as are specifically designated by donors to the Parish whose gifts are included in the endowment fund. The endowment does NOT support the operating budget of the Parish except to fulfill the purposes described above.   

To oversee the management of the endowment and serve as its custodian, the Vestry created an Endowment Board that acts as a subcommittee of the vestry.  Members are appointed to five-year terms by the Vestry and can serve up to two consecutive terms.  The Vestry may also appoint two additional communicants in good standing from the parish to serve on subcommittees of the Board, one for outreach grant review and one for planned giving.  These individuals serve for two-year terms for a maximum of two terms.

Endowment & Investment Board Members

Jim Lewis, Chair, 2019 (1st Term)
Larry Sturgeon, 2020 (2nd Term)
Dale Lewis, 2020 (1st Term)
Jim Solomon, 2022 (2nd Term)
David Hollis, 2018 (1st Term) 

Grant Review Subcommittee Members

Clare Huerta, 2018 (1st Term)
Flo McAfee, 2017 (1st Term)

Development Subcommittee Members

Rob Gibbs, 2018 (1st Term)
Art Warren, 2017 (1st Term)

The endowment was made possible by the generous gifts and bequests of parishioners who have come before us.  As you make your final estate plans, please consider including All Souls or the All Souls Endowment Fund.  Either way, your gift will continue to make a difference in the lives of others for years to come.  For more information see or consult the Rector or Senior Warden. 

You can read the Charter of the Endowment Board here.  

You can see a diagram of the annual All Souls Endowment business cycle here.

You can read our Gift Acceptance Policy here.  

Each year, the Endowment Board develops a disbursement budget largely derived from the income our endowment generates.  In 2017, All Souls will spend the disbursement in the following ways:

1.  Capital improvements:  $10,000
2.  Outreach ministries and grants*:  $28,000
3.  Seed money for new ministries:  $5,000
4.  Other purposes:  N/A

* This year, outreach grants were awarded to Christ House ($10,000), Cleveland and Woodley Park Village ($5,000), Housing Up ($5,000), Church of the Epiphany Welcome Table ($3,000), and our Refugee Resettlement partnership ($5,000).

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